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An app doesn't make a team, but can help it work better.

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Easy Home has collaborated with all the top residential architects in Bangalore and top architecture firms in Bangalore and India to provide a collaborative platform for all home related needs. Our in house team of best architects in Bangalore will be the single point of service in all your home related design, construction and interior needs through a single point of service.

One Platform.Any Device. Everyone connected.

  • Track budgets and timelines.
  • Receive daily updates with pictures.
  • Communicate with your team of designers, contractors and experience manager.
  • Access all work plans and designs.
  • Submit and track change orders.

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The biggest problem homeowners face is the lack of transparency among different stakeholders. Projects often exceed budgets and timelines and homeowners find it difficult to find the root cause and hold the culprits accountable. Through E-Home we send daily updates regarding budgets, timelines and selections to keep you informed throughout the process till we turn the key to you.  


The home owning journey involves multiple stakeholders- Architects, experience managers, and designers. E-Home enables communication with the team on a single platform thus helping you reach out to the right person at the touch of a button. E-Home also enables you to submit and track all change orders to ensure all tasks are completed.


We believe that owning a home is a very personal experience and E-Home ensures that the power is in the hands of the home-owner throughout the process. Whether it is design, build, interiors, furnishings or material used, use our platform to collaborate with us as we help you in your journey to owning your dream home.